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Ice Fishing – Yellowknife
Ice Fishing – Yellowknife 150 150 yellowknifesportfishing
Yellowknife Ice Fishing

With our long winter season, Yellowknife is a prime location for Ice Fishing. Yellowknife Ice Fishing Trips are super easy. You can basically take a map and pick where you want to go. There are a lot of lakes within a 15-30 minute snowmobile ride. Therefore these lakes have minimal fishing pressure and yield excellent fishing.

Stay Safe while ice fishing!!!

I always preach on safety. Plan your trips, pack a survival kit, practice safe snowmobiling and only ride on safe ice. In Yellowknife our local Snowmobile club does ice testing. This will start as soon as it starts to freeze. Preparation for survival situations around Yellowknife is very important. If your snowmobile breaks down or you fall through the ice, in -40 you likely won’t survive that long.

You can easily catch Walleye, Northern Pike, and Lake Trout around Yellowknife. Depending on the fish you want to catch will depend on the lake you go too. There are snowmobile trails almost every lake around the area. As a result this makes the lakes very accessible.

Popular lures would be white coloured grub jigs or tube jigs. You could also go for the famous 5 of diamonds colour spoons as well. If you’re fishing for walleye try a smaller size jig. You can spice it up by hooking on a small minnow. For the bigger fish try some bigger sizes. Another thing that seems to work is glow in the dark lures. With the thick ice covered with snow, it can get dark and the glow will help trigger the fish to bite. Remember the NWT is barbless

Yellowknife Ice Fishing

If your unsure on where to go just ask us! Send us an email at Also if your interested in booking a trip visit

Thank you for reading and have a safe Ice Fishing Season.

Fishing Great Slave Lake – Part 1
Fishing Great Slave Lake – Part 1 150 150 yellowknifesportfishing

Fishing Great Slave Lake can be very difficult if your not familiar with the area. Take a read and hopefully it will help with a better understanding, keep you safe and help you land a trophy fish!

Great Slave Lake is located in the Northwest Territories, Canada and the City of Yellowknife is situated on the northern part of the lake. Great Slave Lake is the 2nd largest lake in North America and is the also the deepest(2014 Ft). Just those 2 statistics alone raise all kinds of questions for fisherman. Where do you start? What do you use to catch fish? Where do you have to go? And how do you stay safe? With being the deepest and one of the largest lakes it also helps with producing some of the best Lake Trout fishing in the world.

Great Slave Lake
Great Slave Lake

Let’s start with safety!

Knowing from fishing Great Slave Lake it is one nasty piece of water. I have personally seen waves over 8ft tall, then add in all the subsurface rock shoals. If you don’t know what you’re doing out there then you’re asking for trouble. So here’s a list to stay safe;

-Ask a local for information. There are lots of Yellowknifers that spend time on the lake and will gladly help with advice. Or contact me!

-Get a nautical map of the lake. Study this map and get as familiar with the lake and your routes of travel. I ordered mine from Captain Supplies and then had then laminated locally.

-Buy a chart plotter with the map of the lake on it. There are several brands of chart plotters that have this map available, the cost of a chart plotter is a lot cheaper than a new prop or a new boat.

-Pay attention to the weather forecast. More importantly the wind, there are several apps that you can download that give you wind predictions that are fairly accurate.

-If possible travel with a friend. If something happens to your boat you at least have a way back.

-Plan for the worst. Pack extra food, shelter, and communication devices. Having a way to communicate via satellite phone or Inreach.

If you can’t get to or return from the fishing areas safely then what’s the point of going. No fish is worth your life or anyone else’s. Stay tuned for more information on fishing Great Slave Lake.

Keep calm and fish on!

Where to go fishing in Yellowknife, NWT? Part 2
Where to go fishing in Yellowknife, NWT? Part 2 150 150 yellowknifesportfishing
Where to go fishing in Yellowknife

Where to go fishing in Yellowknife

In part #2 of where to go fishing in Yellowknife, I’ll talk about some shore fishing spots.  Yellowknife Bay has a lot of shore line which means lots of areas to fish!  Only problem is accessibility and that’s where i’ll help you out.

So grab your rod, 15-20lb test line, spoons, jigs, spinners and hit the road to these local hot spots.

The 1st of 3 spots is the old dock/boat launch at the end of Robertson Rd/Esso Rd near Con Mine.  There is lots of space to fish off the dock.  If your feeling adventurous then take a hike along the shore lines in both directions.  You’ll find Northern Pike, Walleye, and Conny in the deep drop offs along this area.

The 2nd spot is the Giant Mine boat launch.  This is a busy area but does produce fish.  Your somewhat limited in your space to fish but its easy to make it work.  Baker Creak runs out into the area of Giant Mine boat launch and is a known spawning area for all types of fish.  Baker Creak has been closed for sport fishing so please follow the regulations for that area.  Between fishing around boats going and going you’ll catch lots of Northern Pike.

The 3rd spot is the Yellowknife River Day use area. This is located about 10 minute drive from Yellowknife. There is lots shoreline to fish from and a great area just to spend a day.  You can fish from the dock and on wither side of rock ledge across from the dock.  On the river side there is a deep hole that has walleye, Conny, and Northern Pike.  On the bay side you’ll mostly just catch Northern Pike.

So those are the top 3 spots of where to go fishing in Yellowknife!

Keep calm and fish on!


Lake Trout Fishing In Yellowknife
Lake Trout Fishing In Yellowknife 150 150 yellowknifesportfishing
Fishing in Yellowknife Yellowknife Sportfishing Adventures

Fishing in Yellowknife
Yellowknife Sportfishing Adventures

Wondering about Lake Trout fishing in Yellowknife?  You have some options, for starters you’ll need a boat, hire a local charter(Hint…wink…nudge…Yellowknife Sportfishing Adventures) or fly into a local fishing lodge(plenty around to pick from). If you want to stay within Yellowknife you’ll need to get to find some deep cold water near some underwater structure.  Not to say you won’t catch one from shore, just not very common.

Kam Point, Horseshoe Bay, East Mirage Islands, and Post Islands are all within a 30 min boat ride from Yellowknife  that produce abundant Lake Trout.

Early June when the Ice is melting from Yellowknife Bay is a great starting point.  You’ll find success fishing the ice edge when its over some deeper water.  Usually around the first or second week of June the ice is completely out of Yellowknife Bay.  Yellowknife Bay is plotted so if you can get you hands on a nautical map you will see exactly where the deep spots are with structure that rises up.

June is your Month for Lake Trout fishing in Yellowknife.  As the water temperature increases the Trout tend to follow the colder water.  That means they will be super deep or have moved out of the Bay into the main part of the lake.  So July onwards it does become more difficult to catch Lake Trout in Yellowknife Bay.

As for equipment……Your most valuable piece will be your sonar.   It will show you the water depth, where the bait is and where the big fish are hanging out.  Then down riggers or dipsy divers to help get your lures to the right depths.  Next your lure selection will vary from everyone you talk too.  I recommend the Cisco Rig, Len Thompson Spoons and Peetz Spoons.  Send any of those down into the water and you’ll have a fish in no time.

Stay tuned for my upcoming blog on gear/lure set up!

Stay calm and fish on!


Where to go fishing in Yellowknife, NWT? Part 1
Where to go fishing in Yellowknife, NWT? Part 1 150 150 yellowknifesportfishing

Fishing in Yellowknife

Where to go fishing in Yellowknife?

If you were to go fishing in Yellowknife, my first response is going to be “with me”! It’ll make your planning super easy and your fishing experience memorable.   I know exactly where to find the fish, I have the best equipment, I have the best fishing equipment and know what lures to use.

Since a trip with me isn’t always an option, and I understand that, let me help you find a great easy local spot to fish.

The City of Yellowknife and surrounding areas is one of the best fisheries in North America.

Let’s start from the inside of Yellowknife and work our way out.  A general rule of thumb, while fishing in Yellowknife, if there is water there is some sort of fish in that water.

So one of my favorite local fishing spots in the City of Yellowknife is called Kam Lake.  This lake is a hidden gem and its literally inside the City.  There are Big Northern Pike, Walleye(Pickeral), and Whitefish.  I have personally caught all 3 species of fish in Kam Lake.  Kam lake is perfect for canoes, kayaks and small boats.

There is a make shift boat launch off Curry Drive across from the dog kennels.  There are other boat launches but they are either closed to the public or privately owned.  You can easily launch your canoes and Kayaks with ease.  Small boats may be more of a challenge and require you to get your feet wet.

While on Kam Lake look for weed beds that drop off into deeper water, creaks that flow in or out of the lake, shoals that are surrounded by deeper water and the cliffs along the shoreline.  Remember spots where you caught fish in the summer and drill holes in the winter and try your luck with ice fishing.

Kam Lake is now catch and release only which means the big fish you catch will only be getting bigger!  Remember to use barbless hooks and always have a valid fishing licence with you.

Keep calm and fish on!


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