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Fishing Tours

Experience the thrill of Yellowknife’s fresh waters with Yellowknife Sportfishing Adventures’s fishing tours. Our expert guides will take you to the best fishing spots on an epic adventure in the Northern wilderness, guiding you on an angling adventure that promises unforgettable thrills.

From trophy-worthy pike to elusive lake trout, every cast from our private fishing boat promises excitement and possibility. We’ve been fishing these waters for many years and can attest that being out on the water with a reel in hand is an experience that never gets old.

Don’t wait to book your Northwest Territories adventure—call (867) 447-4868 to inquire about our affordable rates and book your reservation.

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Experience Exclusive Access With Experienced Fishing Tour Guides

When you’re adventuring with Yellowknife Sportfishing Adventures, you benefit from exclusive water access and expert fishing guidance from experienced anglers. With over a decade of fishing experience in the NWT and worldwide, our guides are committed to helping you land your next big catch.

Benefit from our seasoned expertise as we lead you to prime fishing locations and provide the support you need for a successful angling excursion.

Is a fishing tour your ideal getaway, combining sport and activity with gorgeous natural landscapes? Let our fishing tour guides make your vision a reality.

Benefits of Guided Fishing Tours

Picture yourself surrounded by the breathtaking Yellowknife scenery, the sounds of the waves lapping against the boat, and the excitement of a tug on your line. Guided fishing tours aren't just about catching fish-they're about a unique escape from the everyday.

Here are some notable benefits:

  • Expert knowledge: Guides possess in-depth knowledge of local waters, fish behavior, and prime fishing locations, increasing your chances of success.
  • Specialized equipment: Your guided tour will come with top-quality fishing gear, ensuring you have the right tools for the job.
  • Safety and convenience: Guides prioritize safety and handle all the logistics, allowing you to focus on enjoying the fishing experience.
  • Skill development: Guides share valuable tips and techniques, helping you improve your fishing skills and become a more proficient angler.

Can Your Fishing Tour Guide Demonstrate Effective Fishing Strategies?

Even if you're experienced, our fishing tour guides are a valuable resource, offering insights and demonstrations on various effective fishing strategies.

Here are a few things your guide can teach you:

  • Proper casting techniques
  • Lure selection and presentation
  • Reading water conditions and fish behavior
  • Knot tying and rigging setups
  • Fish handling and conservation practices

How Do You Tie a Fishing Knot?

A fishing knot is a specialized method for tying fishing lines to hooks, lures, swivels, or even other lines. These knots need to be strong enough to withstand a pulling fish while allowing the line to flow smoothly through the rod's guides.

Here's how you can tie one:

  1. Thread the line through the eye of the lure or hook.
  2. Make a small loop with the line and pass the tag end through the loop.
  3. Hold the loop and wrap the tag end around the standing line several times (typically 5-7 wraps).
  4. Pass the tag end through the loop again, going in the opposite direction.
  5. Moisten the knot and pull it tight, ensuring it's snug against the eye of the lure or hook.

What Is Lure Presentation?

Imagine your lure is a delicious meal. You want to present it in a way that entices the fish to come take a bite. Presenting your lure in a way that mimics the natural movements and behaviors of prey can increase your chances of attracting and catching fish.

Here are a few key aspects of presentation:

  • Retrieval speed (the speed at which you retrieve your lure)
  • Lure action (wobbling, darting, or suspending)
  • Pauses and twitches (Inciting curiosity)
  • Depth control (adjusting the depth at which your lure swims)

A Variety of Fishing Tour Packages

We offer a range of fishing tour packages to cater to every enthusiast’s desires. Whether you crave the tranquility of ice fishing or the adrenaline rush of a sport fishing trip, our offerings promise unforgettable experiences.

Choose from:

  • Ice fishing
  • Yellowknife fishing day trips
  • Overnight fishing excursions
  • Northern pike trips
  • Sport fishing tours
  • ...and more!

Explore the possibilities and check your dream fishing trip off your bucket list with one or more of our packages. The details of each package vary, so we welcome you to contact our office for more in-depth information. We look forward to hearing from you and guiding you on your next trip!

Guided Fishing Trips Any Time of the Year

Experience the thrill of angling any time of the year with our guided fishing trips. Our expert fishers are here to lead you on unforgettable adventures.

Join us for:

  • Summer/fall open-water fishing adventures from Yellowknife
  • Ice fishing during the winter and early spring months
  • Day trips and overnight fishing/camping expeditions

No matter the season, we’re here to ensure your fishing experience is nothing short of extraordinary.

Is an Overnight Fishing Trip Right for You?

An overnight fishing trip is a more immersive experience compared to other packages.

To decide if this is the best fishing trip format for you, assess your preferences and the following factors:

  • Extended time on water: Overnight trips provide opportunities to fish during peak times, increasing your chances of success.
  • Experience and comfort: Overnight trips involve camping and an extended experience on a boat. Consider your comfort level sleeping outdoors or in close quarters.
  • Time commitment: This is a multi-day adventure, so make sure you have the time available and can dedicate yourself to being away for the duration.
  • Enjoyment factors: Consider what makes a fishing trip the most enjoyable for you. Is it the extended time outdoors, the excitement of the fishing, or spending time with friends or family?

All-Inclusive Fishing Packages

When you venture out with us, you’ll enjoy a hassle-free fishing adventure with our all-inclusive fishing packages. Whether you’re angling solo or with a group, our private charters ensure personalized attention and no mixing of groups unless requested.

Enjoy a day on the water with everything you need provided, including:

  • All fishing equipment
  • Shore lunch

Our comprehensive packages guarantee an enjoyable and seamless fishing experience from start to finish.

Book Your Dream Fishing Trip With Us!

Are you ready to book that fishing tour you’ve been dreaming of? Don’t wait any longer—call us today and embark on a fulfilling and exciting outdoor adventure.

Let our experienced guides lead you through unforgettable angling in our fish-rich waters. Call (867) 447-4868 to make your reservation.

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