With our long winter season, Yellowknife is a prime location for Ice Fishing. Yellowknife Ice Fishing Trips are super easy. You can basically take a map and pick where you want to go. There are a lot of lakes within a 15-30 minute snowmobile ride. Therefore these lakes have minimal fishing pressure and yield excellent fishing.

Stay Safe while ice fishing!!!

I always preach on safety. Plan your trips, pack a survival kit, practice safe snowmobiling and only ride on safe ice. In Yellowknife our local Snowmobile club http://gssatrailriders.com does ice testing. This will start as soon as it starts to freeze. Preparation for survival situations around Yellowknife is very important. If your snowmobile breaks down or you fall through the ice, in -40 you likely won't survive that long.

You can easily catch Walleye, Northern Pike, and Lake Trout around Yellowknife. Depending on the fish you want to catch will depend on the lake you go too. There are snowmobile trails almost every lake around the area. As a result this makes the lakes very accessible.

Popular lures would be white coloured grub jigs or tube jigs. You could also go for the famous 5 of diamonds colour spoons as well. If you're fishing for walleye try a smaller size jig. You can spice it up by hooking on a small minnow. For the bigger fish try some bigger sizes. Another thing that seems to work is glow in the dark lures. With the thick ice covered with snow, it can get dark and the glow will help trigger the fish to bite. Remember the NWT is barbless

If your unsure on where to go just ask us! Send us an email at yksportfishing@icloud.com. Also if your interested in booking a trip visit https://yellowknifesportfishing.com/ice-fishing-packages/

Thank you for reading and have a safe Ice Fishing Season.

Man holding a trout