Wondering about Lake Trout fishing in Yellowknife? You have some options, for starters you'll need a boat, hire a local charter(Hint…wink…nudge…Yellowknife Sportfishing Adventures) or fly into a local fishing lodge(plenty around to pick from). If you want to stay within Yellowknife you'll need to get to find some deep cold water near some underwater structure. Not to say you won't catch one from shore, just not very common.

Kam Point, Horseshoe Bay, East Mirage Islands, and Post Islands are all within a 30 min boat ride from Yellowknife that produce abundant Lake Trout.

Early June when the Ice is melting from Yellowknife Bay is a great starting point. You'll find success fishing the ice edge when its over some deeper water. Usually around the first or second week of June the ice is completely out of Yellowknife Bay. Yellowknife Bay is plotted so if you can get you hands on a nautical map you will see exactly where the deep spots are with structure that rises up.

June is your Month for Lake Trout fishing in Yellowknife. As the water temperature increases the Trout tend to follow the colder water. That means they will be super deep or have moved out of the Bay into the main part of the lake. So July onwards it does become more difficult to catch Lake Trout in Yellowknife Bay.

As for equipment……Your most valuable piece will be your sonar. It will show you the water depth, where the bait is and where the big fish are hanging out. Then down riggers or dipsy divers to help get your lures to the right depths. Next your lure selection will vary from everyone you talk too. I recommend the Cisco Rig, Len Thompson Spoons and Peetz Spoons. Send any of those down into the water and you'll have a fish in no time.

Stay tuned for my upcoming blog on gear/lure set up!

Stay calm and fish on!


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