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Yellowknife Sportfishing Adventures is home to the Northwest Territories’ best sport fishing tours. Our seasoned guides are experienced anglers dedicated to providing unparalleled fishing excursions in some of the most pristine waters worldwide.

With top-of-the-line fishing equipment, insider knowledge of prime fishing spots, and a commitment to sustainable practices, we ensure every trip is thrilling, memorable, and environmentally responsible.

Join us for a journey that guarantees unforgettable catches and stunning scenery. Dial (867) 447-4868 to schedule your next fishing trip.

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Who Should Go on a Sport Fishing Expedition?

A sport fishing tour can be an enjoyable experience for anyone, regardless of age, skill level, or background. Whether you're an avid angler or a complete novice, a guided fishing trip offers an opportunity to create memories and bonds with family or friends.

Here are some groups that can benefit from a sport fishing tour:

  • Families: Our fishing tours can be a fun and educational activity for families with children, You can spend quality time, take photos, and even make it a new tradition.
  • Fishing enthusiasts: Experienced anglers can gain valuable insights from knowledgeable guides, learn new techniques, and explore unfamiliar fishing grounds.
  • Couples or friends: Our fishing tours offer a chance for couples or friends to try something new and enjoy quality time together while pursuing a shared interest.

Can You Catch Trophy Fish on a Fishing Trip?

A trophy fish is a rare and prized catch, typically much larger or heavier than the average of its species. For comparison, the average Northern Pike will be between 19-30 inches, weighing around 5-10 pounds. A trophy of this species would typically be anything exceeding 38 inches and tipping the scale at 30 lbs.

Our sport fishing tours give you an opportunity to chase catches of this scale. We take you to prime fishing grounds and provide an experienced guide to increase your chances of landing one of these catches of a lifetime.

Our Expert Fishing Guides Navigate Your Trip

With over a decade of fishing experience in the Northwest Territories and extensive knowledge gained from fishing around the globe, our guides are seasoned professionals ready to navigate your fishing trip.

From ensuring your safety out on the water to providing tips to elevate your fishing ability, our guides are here as your all-in-one resource for a successful, safe fishing expedition. Drawing from their wealth of expertise, our guides help you hook that trophy fish you’ve always dreamed of.

Whether you’re enjoying a day trip under the summer sun or an overnight ice-fishing adventure, there’s no better place for productive and safe sport fishing than with our team of experienced anglers.

We Offer Year-Round Fishing Trips

If you’re visiting the Northwest Territories in the middle of winter, you can still experience the thrill of high-level fishing with our team. Likewise, in the height of summer, our fishing trips are here to offer you the wilderness experience you’re searching for.

Our fishing trips are available year-round, catering to various sports fishing preferences. We offer the following options:

  • Summer/fall open-water fishing adventures from Yellowknife
  • Ice fishing during the winter and early spring months
  • Day trips and overnight fishing/camping expeditions

Whether you’re looking to try the serenity of ice fishing for the first time or elevate your summer sport fishing skill on a private tour, we’re here to support your adventure. To inquire further about our fishing trip packages or to reserve your spot, please reach out to a member of our team.

How Do You Adapt Sport Fishing Techniques for Different Seasons?

In Yellowknife, as in other locations, adapting sport fishing techniques to the changing seasons and conditions maximizes your chances of success.

Though you'll receive expert guidance on your trip, here are a few adjustments to consider:

  • Spring: As the ice melts, species like Northern Pike become more active in shallow, weedy areas. Spinnerbaits or crankbaits can be effective bait choices.
  • Summer: Arctic Grayling thrive in certain bodies of water in warmer months. Grayling are often aggressive feeders but can be finicky at times. Try different presentations and techniques if you aren't getting any bites.
  • Fall: Lake Trout feed aggressively before winter. Target deeper parts of the lake and use a heavier line to handle these powerful fish.
  • Winter: Ice fishing requires specialized gear like augers and stiff rods. For the best chance of success, try jigging your lures using live bait with short strokes near the bottom.

Easily Book Your Next Sport Fishing Trip

Booking your next sport fishing trip with Yellowknife Sportfishing Adventures is simple and efficient. Simply give us a call at (867) 447-4868 to secure your adventure today and ask any questions of our friendly staff. We’ll walk you through the cost and payment options, what’s included and what isn’t, and more to ensure no surprises.

We strive to make the booking experience as easy and hassle-free as our fishing trips. We’re here to accommodate your needs, so please let us know any scheduling preferences or specific requests you have for your trip.

How Can You Improve Your Casting Accuracy in Sport Fishing?

Casting accuracy is a crucial skill, as it allows you to present your lure or bait precisely where you want it, increasing your chances of success. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced angler, there's always room for improvement.

Here are some tips to help you enhance your casting accuracy for your trip:

  • Proper stance and grip: Maintain a balanced stance with your feet shoulder-width apart and grip the rod firmly but not too tightly.
  • Watch your backcast: Engage your entire body in the casting motion, rotating your shoulders and hips for added power and control.
  • Adjust for wind: Compensate for wind conditions by aiming slightly into the wind and adjusting your casting arc accordingly.
  • Vary your casting style: Experiment with different casting styles, such as sidearm or roll casting, to suit different situations.

Call Now to Reserve Your Sport Fishing Trip

Are you a fishing enthusiast looking to explore challenging waters or new to the world of fishing and seeking to learn more? Whether you’re an old hat at fishing or new to the sport, our guides are eager to show you what a fun-filled fishing experience looks like.

So, don’t miss out on the sport fishing tour of a lifetime with the best company in NWT. Call us now at (867) 447-4868 to book your tour and create unforgettable memories on the water.

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