Where to go fishing in Yellowknife?

If you were to go fishing in Yellowknife, my first response is going to be “with me”! It'll make your planning super easy and your fishing experience memorable. I know exactly where to find the fish, I have the best equipment, I have the best fishing equipment and know what lures to use.

Since a trip with me isn't always an option, and I understand that, let me help you find a great easy local spot to fish.

The City of Yellowknife and surrounding areas is one of the best fisheries in North America.

Let's start from the inside of Yellowknife and work our way out. A general rule of thumb, while fishing in Yellowknife, if there is water there is some sort of fish in that water.

So one of my favorite local fishing spots in the City of Yellowknife is called Kam Lake. This lake is a hidden gem and its literally inside the City. There are Big Northern Pike, Walleye(Pickeral), and Whitefish. I have personally caught all 3 species of fish in Kam Lake. Kam lake is perfect for canoes, kayaks and small boats.

There is a make shift boat launch off Curry Drive across from the dog kennels. There are other boat launches but they are either closed to the public or privately owned. You can easily launch your canoes and Kayaks with ease. Small boats may be more of a challenge and require you to get your feet wet.

While on Kam Lake look for weed beds that drop off into deeper water, creaks that flow in or out of the lake, shoals that are surrounded by deeper water and the cliffs along the shoreline. Remember spots where you caught fish in the summer and drill holes in the winter and try your luck with ice fishing.

Kam Lake is now catch and release only which means the big fish you catch will only be getting bigger! Remember to use barbless hooks and always have a valid fishing licence with you.

Keep calm and fish on!