In part #2 of where to go fishing in Yellowknife, I'll talk about some shore fishing spots. Yellowknife Bay has a lot of shore line which means lots of areas to fish! Only problem is accessibility and that's where i'll help you out.

So grab your rod, 15-20lb test line, spoons, jigs, spinners and hit the road to these local hot spots.

The 1st of 3 spots is the old dock/boat launch at the end of Robertson Rd/Esso Rd near Con Mine. There is lots of space to fish off the dock. If your feeling adventurous then take a hike along the shore lines in both directions. You'll find Northern Pike, Walleye, and Conny in the deep drop offs along this area.

The 2nd spot is the Giant Mine boat launch. This is a busy area but does produce fish. Your somewhat limited in your space to fish but its easy to make it work. Baker Creak runs out into the area of Giant Mine boat launch and is a known spawning area for all types of fish. Baker Creak has been closed for sport fishing so please follow the regulations for that area. Between fishing around boats going and going you'll catch lots of Northern Pike.

The 3rd spot is the Yellowknife River Day use area. This is located about 10 minute drive from Yellowknife. There is lots shoreline to fish from and a great area just to spend a day. You can fish from the dock and on wither side of rock ledge across from the dock. On the river side there is a deep hole that has walleye, Conny, and Northern Pike. On the bay side you'll mostly just catch Northern Pike.

So those are the top 3 spots of where to go fishing in Yellowknife!

Keep calm and fish on!


Where to go fishing in Yellowknife